Friday, May 23, 2014

What happens to your digital accounts once you die?

Have you ever happened to what would happen to your social media sites or any digital site once you die? When you sign up for a website (like Facebook or g mail), in the latest proposal of terms-of-service agreements text it states that you are allowing a fiduciary to “stand in the shoes of” the account holder. 
In Virginia a couple, seeking answers after their son’s suicide, realized they couldn’t access his Facebook account. Now Virginia is one of a growing number of states that have passed laws governing the digital accounts of the deceased. Meanwhile, technology companies are forming their own policies regarding deceased users. While still in the early stages, the laws and policies taking shape so far indicate that designating one’s “digital assets” may soon become a critical part of estate planning.
Now you can go onto, and what it allows you to do is you can set up that you can send up to 2 letters for free. Otherwise you can pay 20 dollars to send to 100 people, what it does is if you don't click that you are alive on an email that gets sent to you then if you are confirmed that you are dead, they will release the emails to the people that you wanted them to be sent to. 

Would you want people to be able to have access to your social media?
Would you want to receive that email or would you find it creepy?
Do you think that it is okay that people use social media websites to grieve?

Friday, May 16, 2014


For the past week in class, we talked about satire and how certain people are able to get away with saying things that are not true because the viewers know that they are kidding. We all had to get with a partner and decide on something in this school that we could do a satire on. Sydney and I did our satire story on how the school is going to get rid of all the stairs in the school and put in elevators due to all of the students that have gotten injured because of falling on the stairs and having to go to the hospital. I think that it is okay if people use satire to get an audience as long as the audience knows that they are not being serious and are using satire. Otherwise I think that the person could lose their audience because they might think that it is inappropriate to make fun of thing that could be really serious of to joke about them. I think that it is very true that only 10 percent of teens are interested in the news because news is boring and if we are watching something that doesn't interest us then we wont keep watching it. I think that we get more of our news from the yahoo or Google homepage because we are constantly looking things up online and when we use those certain browsers we will see the top news headlines. Usually for me I will go to the page and then if I see anything that looks interesting then I will stop and read and then that usually leads me into looking for more and seeing more things so I see so much different news looking online for something.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Who Creates Your Reality?

Traditional print media is still important, because not everybody can get full access to media on the internet or on the tv all of the time. Some people don't always have internet that they can get on and see news, or have cable that they can see news channels on so they have to have the traditional print media still for people to have other options to get their news. Another reason is because print media is able to get the whole story and it allows you to read it word for word rather than someone else telling it to you, along with that when someone else is telling it to you they may forget some of the important facts and miss the good news. On the other hand traditional pint media can not be beneficial because the writer may have a limit on the space they have available to put there story on. So if it ends up being that way you are not able to get the full story because they have to cut out information that could be really good information.
The danger of having people choose where they get their information from and being exposed to only things that interest them is that there is so much other news that you can get and have available to you, but if you only choose to get one news source you are missing out on so much other news and things that you are able to get. Another reason I think is that if people are only choosing to see one news source other news places are going to lose their viewers and could eventually go out of business.
I think when I graduate college I will be more likely to subscribe to a magazine I think, because I like seeing all the celebrity gossip and news, but I don't do that right now because I can hear a lot of thing at school but when I am not going to be around people everyday I am going to want to see what is going on. Especially when I have kids someday I am going to want to get a local paper like with there school things so if they are involved in activities I am able to read everything and get all the information about their stuff. \

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Where do you get your news?

For the past 10 days in journalism we all got to choose a different news source we would look at everyday and look at the top news. I chose to look at ABC news for the 10 days. To be honest I never really have gone to abc news before this, I usually just look are kare 11 or fox 9 news. Going on to abc news for 10 days I learned a lot more things that are going on in the world rather than what is just going on around our town or the state. I think that news is pretty important, because you are going to want to know what is going on around us even if it outside of the state or country. There are so many different places to get news, because the different websites there are cover different topics or events so if you only narrowed it down to about five sources, what if the five sources covered the same news. If that was the case than we wouldn't have the wide variety of news topics that we have right now. News benefits to us as people by informing us what is going on, as people we are always wanting to know what is going on and news allows us to know it all. I think that all news is entertainment, because it is so interesting and there is so many different topics they talk about. It is not just one thing that is being repeated that we are used to seeing, it is something new everyday that it may be affecting us and our life. I think that if you are up to date on news it is possible that you could be to scared on what is going on and be way too in to it. That's when I think people can be worse off knowing because they can get way to involved and start taking things more seriously than they actually are. I don't get all my news from looking at a news station or going on a website. Most of my news I hear is from people around me talking about it, like my mom she will say something that she heard or saw on the news and she will tell me about it. So I hear my news from people rather than stations that are provided for that reason.

Friday, April 11, 2014



This week in class we learned how to design and make our own spreads from scratch. I felt this was a really good experience for people who have never used in design before but also really beneficial for people who have used in design before. We had the chance to make what we wanted to make it. Design elements make a difference in the readers experience because people want to read things that have an interesting looking layout with a lot of different visual connections with the story. People would much rather look at more visual things rather than looking at all words because that can get really boring and people wont want to read your stuff. So if you are a professional writer for a magazine or something you will lose viewers. Some things that I have learned about design that I didn't know before is that you want to try and contrast different colors so it looks better and has more contrast. Also I learned that there are so many different fonts that you can use. However along with that you also have many fonts that you are restricted from using like the decorative fonts or the fancy cursive fonts are very difficult to read so you want to limit yourself from using certain fonts. Even if you think that the font look good or that they look pretty you have to put into the readers and or viewers perspective because they are going to be the people that are reading your stuff. You don't have to write stories or be a designer to design things. Us as human beings design everyday, the different outfits that we choose to wear is designing there are so many things that we design but people don't think of because they are simple every day things that we do. Another example is your room you design it the way that you like it with different pieces of furniture or other things, you use your own type of style and what you want. Another thing is if you are designing your own house you make it the way that you want to live and the way that you want it to look. It is your own thing that you get to design for yourself.

Friday, February 28, 2014


In life as a news viewer you have many different choices. Its not like there is only one type of news that you have to read. There are many different options that you get as a viewer to choose what you want to read. For example there are many different things that can be used to read stories, there is the standard newspaper if you like the old fashion, there is the news stations that you can watch to see what is happening if you don't want to do much reading, connected with the TV you can go on the internet and search the different news stations and get your news that way, and now if you have an iPhone, iPad, iPod etc you can download apps and get your news that way. However, as a writer or an editor, you have the ability to choose what you get to write about. I feel like you get such a more freedom on what to be writing, but you have a big job to think about what the audience wants to hear and you have to be able to make something that will get the audience attention.
When people make bad choices about news I think that it is half and half between the viewer and the writer on whose fault it is. I think that because if the writer writes something that is not good it wont get enough views then it will be a bad story and you will get bad reviews about it, and in the future you may not have the same audience that you had before. On the other hand it can be the readers fault if they make a bad choice, because it was their decision to read that story.
I think that old people dislike the online news, because they are so used to having only news paper and that is what they grew up on, so they are not used to the internet. So I don't think that they dislike the internet things, they are just not used to it so they would not have the decision to go on the internet first. If you think about it when our generation is older there might be something way different than seeing it on the internet and we might think its really weird, but the next generation like our kids may think that the internet and apps of phones and tablets will be really weird.